Harmor Beta

Image-Line the creators of FL Studio have recently released the Beta Version of Harmor. Any registered FL Studio owner with a copy of Harmless is able to download Harmor from their account on the Image-Line website. Just click on the spot where you would get a new reg code for Harmless and you will find a link for Harmor Beta.

Those who wish to check out the beta version and help look for bugs as well as play around with this awesome new plugin will find the Beta version does not allow saving of Harmor files or presets. There is a good reason for aloowing onlly Harmless owners access right now as well since Harmor has similar controls and layout. If you are familiar with harmless then finding your way around Harmor should not take long.

A few features that I really like are the separate A-B states that can be mixed together and the spectrum analyzer on the right side. The FX tab also has a new layout style that looks great. Being able to make sounds from imported images is another feature that I enjoyed playing around with.

The envelope section allows custom control over most of the controls. The timbre section is cool as well allowing different customizable wave forms to be used and mixed.

There are so many great features that I could write about. The range, depth, and fullness of sound that is possible with Harmor is limitless. I am looking forward to the official release of Harmor and will be adding it to my plugin collection for sure.

The Harmor interface may seem a bit intimidating at first but if you have decent knowledge of FL Studio and especially Harmless then it will not take long to figure out. For those who own midi controllers Harmor will be a very great plugin to use with so many knobs and controls. You can check out some midi controllers if you dont already have one, or the FL Studio Discount if you dont have FL Studio yet. The discount will also work for first time buyers who use other DAW’s and just want Harmor.

Here is the link to the Harmor Beta thread in the Image-Line forums. http://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=78378

Update: Harmor demo is now available with version 10.0.8 of FL Studio which you can download here. You can also purchase Harmor in the Image-Line shop. It is on sale for $99 until october when it then becomes $149.

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