FL Studio Editions

FL Studio comes in 4 different flavors. Express Edition, Fruity Edition, Producer Edition, and Signature Bundle. Depending on what your needs are you will find an edition that suits you in this lineup.  First I will explain how they are all the same.

To begin with you will need to download the FL Demo.
It is around 200 mb and will unzip to around 500mb once installed (this number may change with newer versions). The demo version includes everything in it. All of the plugins, effects, tools, etc… So it is actually the Signature version of FL Studio with some additional plugins that you can purchase. Of course all of the plugins say demo on them, and you will not be able to save your projects although you can still export the files.

The demo version is a good place to start so you can see which features you will want and need. You can learn many FL Studio basics with the demo version alone. This is how I started out during my first few months.

Since the demo comes with all the options you will need to pay close attention to which ones you want. Depending on which FL Studio Edition you buy, the options and certain plugins that come with the purchase vary. Essentially when you buy FL Studio and have the demo all you will be doing is unlocking it with a reg key.

I made the mistake of not looking closely enough at the features with each edition. I bought Fruity Edition only to find out that some of the features that I wanted came with a higher edition. Needless to say I upgraded within the next few days to FL Signature Bundle. The reason I stress knowing what you want is so you can get it all with the 10% FL Studio discount in one go and don’t end up with buyers remorse. Here is a detailed list of the features for each FL Edition and I suggest you look closely to make sure you are buying what you want. Just make sure you come back here for your discount when you are ready to buy.

Express Edition ($49)

This is very basic and would be good for someone who just wants to make loops. It uses the sequencer and includes the basic FL Studio plugins and effects. You will not be able to use the playlist, piano roll, or audio recording though, among other things. Great for making simple loops if that is all you are looking for. Very limited if you want to make full songs.

Fruity Edition ($99)

Fruity is the minimum I would recommend to take care of most peoples needs if they are purely making electronic music. It includes everything the Express Edition has and adds the ability to use the piano roll, playlist, and event automation. The inclusion of the piano roll and playlist allow you to make full length electronic songs now.

You also get some more synths, ability to use Fruity Loops in another host program, and internal controllers.You will not be able to record audio clips with this version, for that you will need…

Producer Edition ($199)

Produce Edition includes everything from the first two editions plus you can now use the complete list of audio recording and automation abilities that come with Fruity Loops Studio as a whole. Slicex, Vocoder, and Synth Maker are also included. Producer Edition is suitable for any audio enthusiast who wants to record instruments and vocals. You can record as many tracks at once as your other equipment will allow. This is definitely the edition you will want if you plan to record or work with any other type of audio files. Producer edition is usually the most anyone will need. Also now starting with FL Stufdio 12 you get Sytrus, and awesome synth, and Maximus a great compressor. Just Sytrus alone is worth the upgrade to me. It is one of FL Studios most powerful synths. If you like even more great plugins though…

Signature Bundle ($299)

Signature Bundle is the flagship of the FL Studio lineup. It includes everything from the previous three editions. The extras you receive with this edition are various plugins that include Soundfont Player, Video Player, Full DirectWave Sampler, GrossBeat, Pitcher, NewTone, Harmless and Hardcore guitar effects.  Overall you will save close to $600 on plugins with the Signature Bundle.

This is the version I use myself and I love it. Gross Beat alone costs $100 normally, add Harmless on top of that and it is quite a deal with just these 2 extras alone. Not to mention being able to use the Soundfont Player for my 3+ gigs of Sound font files. Pitcher and NewTone also greatly improve on your ability to edit and change/correct vocals.

Of course your needs might be much different than mine. There is a FL Studio Edition for everyone and you can always upgrade or add more plugins later. You still get lifetime free updates for any of the editions you buy too. There is even a wizard and comparison chart you can use to help you decide. Just don’t forget to make your shopping list and come back here later for your Fl Studio Discount good for 10% off everything. Check out the next page for a closer comparison of FL Producer Edition and Signature Bundle.

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