FL Guru Intro Contest Finalists

The recent contest to design the intro for the FL Studio Guru has been closed and is now in voting phase. The top 5 finalist have been chosen and voting has been opened to FL Studio forum users to make up to 3 choices for their favorite entries.

The contest asked for a 2.5 second intro to be made for the FL Studio Guru. The winner of the contest will have their entry become the new 2.5 second sting that is heard before every FL Guru video.

First prize also includes Harmor+Groove Machine and $300 Image-Line cash. Second and third prizes include the same plugins with smaller amounts of virtual cash. Voting will be open until 9-11-11 so be sure to go check out the entries and pick the ones you like best.

By some odd stroke of luck I managed to end up in the final 5 (entry by DaNoblest). Of course I am in last place so far, but I am still happy to have made it this far. There are some cool choices and I wish good luck to all.

Cast your vote here.

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