Midi Controllers For FL Studio

On this page we will provide a list of midi controllers for FL Studio 10. Choosing the best midi controller among them will be a matter of personal preference and budget. These midi controllers come in several varieties from keyboard controllers to Dj consoles. We will provide a little information on each one below to help find the best FL Studio compatible midi controller.

Using these midi controllers for FL Studio is as simple as installing any drivers that come with them, then plugging the device in. After that you open up FL Studio go to midi options and select the device you have from the controller type box then make sure the enable button is selected next to controller type.

Midi controllers for FL Studio

Alesis Photon X25The Alesis Photon X25 midi controller is a midi keyboard with 25 keys, knobs, pitch and modulation wheels and an X-Y axis control. A smaller keyboard like this is ideal when space is an issue. It plugs in via USB so it is also “good to go” anywhere you want to take it.

Behringer BCF2000The BEHRINGER BCF2000 midi controller comes with precise motorized faders and programmable buttons and knobs. It will run with midi cables or can be hooked up directly to a pc or laptop via USB. It will take up a little more than a sq. ft. of space so finding a spot for it in a studio should not be too hard.

Cakewalk Midi ControllerCakewalk A Series midi controller keyboards vary in size and price. Models with faders, knobs, buttons, keyboard, and transport controls can be found all in one. It also has some drum pads and is USB powered. The modulation is joystick-controlled and spring loaded.

Doepfer DREHBANK is a 64 knob midi controller that is no longer in production. It is possible to find some used.Edirol PCR-30/50 midi controllers are 32 and 49 key midi keyboards as well. Each one has sliders and knobs with some buttons. While the keyboards themselves seem to look good several reviews say otherwise. There are better midi keyboard options available.

Frontier Design AlphaTrackFrontier Design AlphaTrack midi controller comes in a small package. This could very well be the ultimate controller for tight spaces and portability. It has one large motorized fader, 3 knobs, and 22 buttons including transport control. It packs a lot of control into a small space and hooks up through USB.

Hercules DJ Console MK2Hercules DJ Console MK2 is a 2 deck midi controller for DJ’s. It is USB powered and has 2 jog wheels for track navagation. With 3 level per deck eq, cross fader, and 2 volume faders it is like having a whole DJ setup in one small package. All that is needed now is the microphone.

Hercules DJ Control MP3The Hercules DJ Control MP3 is the smaller version of the DJ Console and this midi controller works with mp3, wma, and audio cds. Its small size allows for great portability and since it is USB powered it only requires a laptop and speakers to mix songs and get the party going.

Keyfax Phat.Boy is a multi-knob midi controller that can be used to control numerous midi functions and channels. It has midi in and out capabilities and is powered by an ac adapter included with the device.

KontroluxKontrolux keyboard is a midi controller keyboard comes in with different choices for the amount of keys. With 8 endless encoders, and multiple faders this midi keyboard also acts as a USB powered midi controller as well. This keyboard sells for British Pounds or Euros.Next up we have the Korg

KONTROL49 midi keyboard controller. This one seems to have it all… the faders, knobs, pads, 49 keys, pitch wheel, X-Y controller and more. We are not sure how much longer they will remain in production though so used controllers are the only thing available. It is powered with an AC adapter or through USB.

Korg Micro KontrolThe Korg micro-trio would like to make an appearance as well. Korg nanoKONTROL is a micro midi controller that gives you many controls in a smaller package. With 9 faders and knobs, come 18 button plus transport controls. This is one of the most affordable midi controllers. At only 15x5x2 inches this device also takes up a micro amount of space.

Korg NanokeyKorg NanopadThere are also the Korg nanoKEY and nanoPAD, both equally as small in size and price as the microKontrol. These 3 devices together will just about cover most midi controller needs. The nanokey doesn’t have a very traditional keyboard though, so factor that into a final decision.

Mackie UniversalThis next midi controller means serious business. Transport controls, a copious amount of buttons, motorized faders,built in plugins and instruments, and much more. The Mackie Control Universal is a beast in a 33 pound box.

M-Audio Oxygen 49 v3 49-Key USB Keyboard MIDI Controller Oxygen 25M-Audio Oxygen midi controller keyboards come in 25, 49, and 61 key styles. They are USB powered with 9 faders, 8 knobs, 9 buttons and transport controls. We personally use the Oxygen 49 and  have had no complaints so far. The 25 key version only has 1 fader but all come with pitch and modulation wheels.

We are sorry to say we do not know which Novation ReMOTE SL is specified in the FL Studio midi options. It is possible that the entire SL series midi controllers are good to go. Here are a several Novation midi keyboards to look at while we do some more reasearch to find out which are included in the midi options.

UF OmnipotentAnd last we have the UF Omnipotent Master Keyboard midi controller. With aluminum casing and Firewire upgrade option. 9 faders and 8 knobs plus pitch and modulation wheels provide plenty of automation options. Transport controls allow for easy mouse free recording as well.

There is a current support list in the Image-Line forums with detailed information about using these Midi controllers with FL Studio and more.Of course these are not the only controllers that will work with FL Studio. Most midi controllers should be fine, it just might take a little more configuring to set it up.

You can find a large selection of  midi controllers to use with FL Studio here. Zzounds has everything you need to get your own home studio up and running with the lowest price guarantee.

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